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HABAMIXPassion for Spiciness Across Generations

My name is Peppe Lentini, a Sicilian from Agrigento, born in 1977.
Together with my wonderful wife Marinella and our son Andrea, I have fulfilled the dream of managing the restaurant 'La Terrazza' directly on the beach of Meta di Sorrento.
One of the first challenges I faced as a restaurateur was to offer our customers an exclusive ingredient that would give uniqueness to our dishes, making them incomparably special.
After years of research, analysis, and experiments, HABAMIX was born: an extraordinary spicy oil made by cold-infusing (72 hours in the dark) the finest types of chili peppers (Habanero Chocolate, Habanero Red, Habanero Orange, Bhut Jolokia, Naga Morich, Scorpion Moruga Red, Carolina Reaper) in one of the best Italian extra virgin olive oils.
First appearing on the tables of our restaurant in 2015, HABAMIX has rapidly gained immense success in the most exclusive Italian and international restaurants within a few years.
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The production of our product begins with a meticulous and passionate process. Each trial is an opportunity to perfect the final result. There are no shortage of mistakes along the way, but the enthusiasm persists thanks to the love and passion for chili pepper. Each individual chili pepper receives the right attention, ensuring the use of extra virgin olive oil and other high-quality raw materials. The result is a product that reflects the dedication to quality and authentic taste.
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